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What makes ramen an authentic Japanese food, is its uniquesness and representation. Each town, each household has it own Ramen recipe. Yokohama, my hometown has its own, with much history and tradition to represent. It is the second largest city after Tokyo (once a small fishing village), and served as the base of foreign trade in Japan since 1859 when the country ended its seclusion. Hokawa-Maru, the city’s beloved ship made her maiden voyage to Seattle in 1930, serving as the bridge between Japan and the U.S. As a Buiness person who appreciates both the American and Japanese cultures, I hope to build a restarunt that can serve as the bridge between two cities; such as Hikawa-Maru: I want to deliver the authentic Yolohama taste to Wichitans. The ship will be part of the restaurant logo, as a reminder of the history and as a celebration of this international exchange.

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